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StarApps is a boutique venture builder. We turn game-changing ideas into breakthrough companies, managed by rockstar entrepreneurs.


StarApps is co-founded and funded by a team of serial entrepreneurs from Ghent who invented apps which helped hundreds of millions of people in the social, personal, financial or business aspects of their life.


The convergence of finance and technology is one of the most important drivers of economic growth by empowering consumers and businesses using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Over the next few years, the property sector is set to change for the better – all thanks to PropTech. While the industry has lagged behind others when it comes to innovation, the next generation of PropTech-focused companies and individuals will have a huge part to play in shaking things up for good.


From health and mental wellbeing over dating and meeting to travel and sports. Lifestyle apps helping massive crowds are probably the most difficult to develop and grow, but positively impacting the lives of millions is also the greatest reward for any entrepreneur.

Breakthrough companies

Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of explosive growth. We’re addicted to it. Meet a few of the companies our team has launched.

Cashfeed offers peace of mind during the final approval of purchase invoices. Cashfeed automagically processes invoices and allows automated approval and payments with confidence and context. Currently in development.

Dealside is thé AI Copilot for B2B Sales Teams. Dealside brings Deal Intelligence to manage and convert pipeline on autopilot. Not another sales enablement platform, but deeply integrated within your existing Sales Tech stack.

Introw unlocks sales opportunities within partner ecosystems. By connecting the different CRM systems, companies can share opportunities and track partner sales. Introw already allows more than 100 connected companies to close more deals, together.

Bizzy makes reliable business information easily accessible for everyone. We have direct access to best-in-class information sources and compile everything in our intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

FixForm allows you to easily report, manage and fix every problem within your building or space and is primarily used to keep buildings and spaces in good, safe and clean condition.

Delta is the easiest and most beautiful investment app with over 3 million users. Initially build as a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app, it now has become a all-in-one app for all your investments. Acquired by eToro.*

Realo is on a mission to bring transparency to the European real estate market by providing powerful property insights and valuations for real estate professionals. It now has over 1 million users. Acquired by Immoweb (AVIV Group).*

Rydoo is a business expense management app that automates expense flows, streamlines reimbursement cycles, and boosts team productivity. It covers the full scope of any trip or expense to contribute to a more fulfilling work environment. Acquired by Sodexo.*

With over 2 billion conversations and more than 200 million users since inception Twoo is one of the most used apps to meet new people. Whether you fancy chatting, searching, sharing photos or meeting people easily, Twoo is full of exciting people! It merged with Netlog and is active in 190 countries and 38 languages. Acquired by Meetic/Match/Tinder. *

*Co-founded by StarApps founders


From 100 ideas to 16 launches in 4 years. We aim to launch at least once every season.

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We’re constantly on the lookout for partners in entrepreneurship to join our community of growth-minded app builders.

I’m an (aspiring) venture builder

StarApps selects natural born entrepreneurs and coaches them to become successful venture builders. We are looking for human-centric entrepreneurs with an exceptional level of resilience, decisiveness and persistence who have what it takes to build a fantastic team and of course a fast-growing product or service.

I’m an experienced digital creative

StarApps needs you to help us build apps that improve the lives of millions of people. Prepare for a fantastic adventure with like-minded creatives, developers and entrepreneurs!We prefer to work with freelancers and contractors as it offers flexibility and demonstrates a certain entrepreneurial ambition, but we also have solutions for digital creatives who prefer to be on payroll.

I’m an investor

StarApps is fully self-funded and self-sufficient and is currently not raising any external funds as venture builder. However we do have opportunities to invest in our post-revenue ventures. Please leave your details to find out more.

I’m an early adopter

Be the first to obtain early access to our next digital inventions and help us to polish the apps before they get launched.